I’ve done a lot of projects over the years, and I’m finally getting around to documenting some of them

Four Legged Walker

Walking Mechanism

A four-legged Theo Jansen “Strandbeest” walking mechanism.


Subtractive Color Mixture Computation

How to model subtractive color mixture in RGB computer graphics.


Generating Reflectance Curves from sRGB Triplets

Five algorithms for converting sRGB color values to realistic spectral reflectance curves.

Fast RGB to Spectrum Conversion for Reflectances

A new faster way to get reflectance curves from RGB values that is useful in subtractive color mixture.

Rec. 2020 RGB to Spectrum Conversion for Reflectances

Application of the spectral reflectance reconstruction methods to a wide color space called Rec. 2020.

MATLAB/Octave and Python Source Code for Reflectance Reconstruction and Chromatic Adaptation

A repository of source code, examples of how to use them, and various applications.

Sphereland Creatures

Vision in Curved Space

A study of how visual perception would change if we lived in a relatively small spherical universe.

Side View

Segway-Style Balancer

A low-cost, simple Segway-style self balancing device made from off-the-shelf parts.

3D Shadowlamp

3D Shadowlamp

A device that casts 3D shadows.



Work I created after retirement while being a nondegree undergraduate ‘senior’ in the College of Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Illinois, 2010-2013.

UPS Time Exposures

UPS Time Exposures

A project I did with my wife’s K-1 class at University Primary School, Feb 2012.

Image 78

Monomial Method

A numerical method for solving nonlinear equations, and the graphical investigations leading to my Design by Algorithm work.



A device that charges in the sun all day and blinks all night.


Design by Algorithm

Jumps to my Design by Algorithm website. I exhibited math-based artwork at weekend art fairs throughout the Midwest for 25 years (1990-2015).