I’ve done a lot of projects over the years, and I’m finally getting around to documenting some of them

Four Legged Walker

Walking Mechanism

A four-legged Theo Jansen “Strandbeest” walking mechanism.


Color Science Projects

A set of topics relating to color science and colorimetry.

Sphereland Creatures

Vision in Curved Space

A study of how visual perception (especially depth perception) would change if we lived in a relatively small spherical universe.

Side View

Segway-Style Balancer

A low-cost, simple Segway-style self-balancing device made from off-the-shelf parts.

3D Shadowlamp

3D Shadowlamp

A device that casts 3D shadows.

light seeker

Light Seekers

Complex behavior of multiple interacting light-seeking “head” mechanisms.



Work I created after retirement while being a nondegree undergraduate ‘senior’ in the College of Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Illinois, 2010-2013.

UPS Time Exposures

UPS Time Exposures

A project I did with my wife’s K-1 class at University Primary School, Feb 2012.

Image 78

Monomial Method

A numerical method for solving nonlinear equations, and the graphical investigations leading to my Design by Algorithm work.



BLIFNAR stands for “blinky lights for no apparent reason.” It is a device that charges in the sun all day and flashes eight LEDs all night. It is also known in the BEAM Robotics community as an octal “Pummer.”


Design by Algorithm

I exhibited math-based artwork, based on research I did on chaotic dynamical systems, at weekend art fairs throughout the Midwest for 25 years (1990-2015). Here is an archival version of my old website: designbyalgorithm.com