Ancestors of Miles Bradley Light, Jr.

This page includes photos of Miles‘s:
Mother: Sarah (Light) Light
Maternal Grandmother: Sybil (Ransom) Light

Miles’s Mother: Sarah (Light) Light (1827-1920)
Sarah’s maiden name is the same as her married name because her father, Henry Light, and her husband’s father, John Light, are brothers. Consequently, she and her husband, Miles Bradley Light, Sr. are cousins and share the same paternal grandparents, Lodowick Light and Martha (Seely) Light.

Sarah at a young age.

Sarah is third from the left. She is surrounded by three of her children, Belle, Nellie, and Harry. Her fourth child, Miles, is third from the right, standing next to Mayme and Mayme’s sister Blanche.

Sarah in later years.

February 13, 1916, on Sarah’s 89th birthday. Left to right: Miles (age 53), Miles’s sister Belle, Sarah, Miles and Mayme’s children Frances and Jack (age 16, Nena’s father). In back, Mayme (age 49).

Sarah in 1897 (age 70) with granddaughter Frances.

Sarah died at 93 years old. Here is the notice in the Friday, March 5, 1920 Winfield Courier:

Miles’s Maternal Grandmother: Sybil (Ransom) Light (1794-1877)
Not positive this is Sybil, but this photo popped up on the internet with her name attached to it: