John “Jack” Sayre Light, Sr.

John Sayre Light, Sr. was born in 1900. He was known as “Jack” and is referred to as such below. He is Nena’s father. He was the owner of Winfield Electric.

Links to immediate relatives:
Father Miles Bradley Light, Jr. (referred to as “Miles” below)
Mother Mary Lee “Mayme” (Sayre) Light (referred to as “Mayme” below)
Wife Elizabeth Ann (Stott) Light (Nena’s mother, and known to some of the family as “Neno”)
Sister Blanchard Frances (Light) Simpson (David Simpson‘s mother, referred to as “Frances” below)

Jack with mother Mayme and sister Frances.

Jack as a child.

Jack in 1904 (age 4) with some toys made by mother Mayme.

Jack (age 4) and his maternal grandfather Charles Dewey Sayre in 1904.

Jack, Grandfather Sayre, and sister Frances.

Jack standing on a horse outside their home at 313 E. 10th St, Winfield.

Jack (age 10) and father Miles (age 47) in 1910.

Jack (age 13) in 1913.

February 13, 1916, on Jack’s paternal grandmother’s 89th birthday. Left to right: Miles (age 53), Miles’s sister Belle, Jack’s grandmother Sarah Light Light, Jack’s sister Frances, Jack (age 16). In back, Mayme (age 49).

Jack and sister Frances.



Jack when attending West Point Military Academy.

Jack when attending West Point Military Academy.

Jack and wife Elizabeth (Neno).

Jack’s wife Elizabeth (Neno) and their nephew, David Simpson.

This is the store Jack owned, Winfield Electric. Electric devices were all the rage back then. On the left is a washing machine with an electric wringer. On the shelves are radios, light bulbs, electric coffee and tea sets, and electric toasters. Jack’s son John took over the business when Jack retired. Today it is a Mexican restaurant.

Jack in later years.

In 1948, when Jack was 48, the local paper ran a story about all the futuristic gadgets in his home. (Click here to open PDF of this article.)

Jack passed away in 1990.